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Your Session

Because I am a small and personal business, my business is built on relationships. I like to have a conversation before the session with all my potential clients about what you are looking for in order to better tailor each session for you, either by phone, email or text. These days, time is very precious and I don't want to waste your time or mine with a re-shoot.

It is important that my style match your expectations. If you’re looking for more traditional studio-style photos, it is important to know that is not what I do. Please browse through my galleries on my home page. If this style is what you’re looking for out of a session, I’d love to work with you and your family!

I do not operate in a “sit-down-and-say-cheese” fashion; this is a custom photography session and will be treated as such. My style is a casual and candid one where I photograph babies, kids, families, and couples and their interaction with each other. I want you to be relaxed, have a good time, & to have a few laughs along the way. Kids can do no wrong during the session. They can play and run and I’ll simply snap away. It should be fun, not frustrating! Children can sense stressful energy and will react negatively to it. The goal is to make everyone relaxed and happy in order to capture you and your family at your best. I promise you will not feel rushed. I typically shoot the group family shots first, and then let the children romp and play to get super-cute candid shots. If a child is not feeling well, please reschedule.

My photography sessions are all unique but are made even more special with your creative assistance. You should look and feel comfortable in your session. You should also look like yourself; I would recommend not wearing something that you wouldn’t wear on a regular basis. Please wear clothing that is both comfortable and makes you feel beautiful, also consider bringing along extra outfits. Style your hair the same way you wear it every day. Solid colors are best (no big prints/writing or bright colors). It’s best to start simply and add on. Nothing should be included that distracts from you - you are what we’re photographing! Wear something that reflects who you are. If you are having a family photo shoot, you may want to coordinate colors a little bit. Try to avoid busy patterns though.

Feel free to bring anything that want to be included in the photograph perhaps a fabric or blanket that has special meaning, flowers, musical instruments, or special clothing such as scarves, shawls, hats or veils. For sessions with children, feel free to bring along a favorite toy, snuggle item or other prop that may express their personality and imagination. Fairy wings, magic wands, rubber boots, books, superhero capes and floppy hats can add an element of fun and also make for adorable pictures. Water and snacks are great to have for children to keep them happy.

Cake Smashes & balloons for toddlers are very popular and make for some fun and great photographs!!

When photographing young children, it’s important to keep in mind what time of day they tend to be happiest, keeping in mind that outdoor portraits work best in early morning or early evening (sunrise & sunset). If the plan is to meet at a location other than your home, please bring snacks, a drink, outfit change and some wet wipes! Just remember not to bring lolly-pops or other candy that may give them colored teeth, stain their clothes or make their hands sticky.

Some places to think about may be a local park or farm, the beach, vintage buildings and unique architecture, or a place that has special meaning to you. Simple things like a bench, an old fence, or even an old doorway can make for a beautiful photograph. Think about what you want out of your photographs so we can discuss the best location for you. Keep in mind that I also have a small in home studio and newborn sessions can also be done in the comfort of your own home. For on location photography, I shoot with natural available light. Therefore morning and early evening hours work best and shade is ideal for outdoor locations. Should inclement weather dampen your scheduled outdoor shoot, we will reschedule as quickly as possible or we can change it to a studio session if you prefer.

If you are planning to have areas of exposed skin: At least two hours before our shoot, please try to remove anything with elastic such as a tight shirt, pants, underwear or a bra to prevent strap marks from appearing on your skin. This is especially important for newborn shoots and diapers, please loosen them!

Make-up should be light and natural looking. A light foundation, blush etc. to even out skin tones is perfect. Too much eyeliner or eye shadow can look very dark in photographs. Special jewelry is a nice accessory to the photographs, though too much jewelry can be distracting. If you have any questions, please let me know.

After the Session

Custom photography requires custom editing. Each picture is edited by hand. Please allow 21 business days from the time of your session for your edited images to be posted. Keep in mind that the day of your session, weekends and holidays do not count as business days.

I try not to ‘over edit’ photos. I prefer images to have true-to-life colors. As a parent, looking back, I want to know exactly how my child looked on that day. If you prefer to have a more dream-like or quirky quality to some or all of your images let me know. Additional editing fees will apply.

Each session will produce a wonderful variety perfect for keepsake albums, printed coffee table books, and wall collections. All images are shot in color. If you'd like black and white edits, please let me know.

If you are having a holiday party, birthday party, charity fundraiser or corporate outing, I can capture the event in images. Please contact me with details to discuss pricing and packages.

Gift Certificates may be purchased for any dollar amount. Any amount over the session price may be used as a print credit to purchase prints and merchandise.

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